Apr 24, 2012

Feb 3, 2012

The falcon flies

A falcon flies with the wind, carrying dreams and desires to
new heights; its allegiance to the earth; its roots growing deep
into the soil;
its power to transcend itself; to fly beyond it,
makes it eternal.
Eternity an endless ocean, fulfilling itself; having no
beginning and no end; it replenishes itself beyond its existence;
a fathomless trail in the sky, completing itself
in the shadow of a star
plunging many eons away. Its image preys upon the mind,
conjuring and wrestling with its illusions.
Stars flicker like a candle, lured by the glimmer of the
moon; before its tenuous slide into oblivion
as the candle melts and vanishes.
A creative force

It is always the unconventional that holds attention. The
mundane and the commonplace are the dust of the earth, transmitting little
light and color. The creative and innovative are the salt and spice of life,
breathing life and energy into the soul.
As we blossom we are rejuvenated from a sapling; only the
young soak in fresh ideas like a sponge; they are a springboard from which new
life springs; the fire that vitalizes and kindles all life; the source of
growth and evolution.
In youth is spawned hope; the old will no more feel gusty
winds; they have lost the elasticity to expand and embrace new life; their
minds and bodies have shrunk and are unable to drink the delicious nectar of
life; to pick virgin blossoms from the garden. They are static and in denial.
Nature is selfish and must sustain itself; it invests in the
young alone, and gives the derelict a cursory shove into the past; the mighty
and the arrogant must fall and perish one day.
This is the crux and irony of life; this is the gravity that
holds the symmetry, this is our human consciousness in a flux.