Nov 18, 2011

My homeland

The turf that once was green and alluvial
Ploughed to raise a newborn country, lured
By stirring rhetoric surfing on dreams
A promise in the air held, robust intentions,
Tightened In a loop of diehard struggle and ambition,
Spurred on quixotic horses
To celebrate a fledgling country

Turning lean in time, scooped of its energy
By flailing limbs too weak to keep afloat
Emaciated fulfillment, caving in to a sense of disillusion
Withering dreams sucked into a vortex of greed
And a tumor of grinding ambition; anchored on flimsy
Fundamentals, sutured treacherously into its folds,

A malaise spreading through the body, breaking down

Ties of fraternity and humanity in a vessel of discontent
Kindling a fire of ferocious logs charring human faces,
Stripping them of their souls

A fa├žade of genocide, a besiege of our psychic self
Or a peculiar peeling off of our inner selves
Challenged by a deep seated drift
Of the social milieu, its values, its mindset
Pulling out deep seated roots
From a mindscape in disarray

The breaking down a painful cycle
The loss of self a deluge of penury
Vested in a brutal beast, a blade of apathy
Splitting away pieces into sand

A wave of nostalgia transcends
Craving for a comeback
To the old familiar culture
Thriving on cosmopolitanism
Liberty and human equality