Feb 3, 2011

a proxy war

Rustling in the long grass
Convoluting like a ragged road
Winding around misshapen hamlets
Fear inhabits its slick body
Gnaws like a blade into his flesh
A sightless ogre growls and roars
Reeling with a pathological pain
Of searing hate and raw guilt
Stirring in his animal consciousness

a tide of terror rises

A wild eruption of fires
Spreads like the wind
Insanely consumed in its own heat

A self-immolation ends life
When violence strikes at the roots
A terminal illness erodes itself

Wounds of sulphur heal not
The elements disdain to support
Flinging them away

Waves of turbulence incite
An incendiary nods an eye
Willing more ruin

Living hearts and souls
Charred in fires of purgatory
Where even the Divine
Shuts His reverent Eye



Hysteria holds a crowd together
A powerful volcano erupts
Pushing human magma out of the earth
As it opens its phlegmatic mouth

A conglomerate of human emotions
Unleashed unappeased fury
An insatiable lust
Slakes its gluttonous tongue

Fireworks of jubilation
Streaked across the horizon
Melding idealism and vandalism
Into a boiling cauldron

At the end of the day
The bell will toll
And in the decisive moment
The hour of reckoning will be sealed.