Jan 12, 2010


On the surface
the city wears a stereotyped face
as all its kindred habitats
struggling into modernity.

in its heartland
life and energy throbs
throngs of people pushing
shoulder to shoulder
chipped broken or whole

sprawled over the city
crisp suburban areas
glimmer in green environs
debonair lads and ladies
strut under ornate canopies
sedated with an opium
lost in dull insensitivity.

a kaleidoscope swings
on minarets and colonnades
rising over a dwarfed turf
shuffling below like a beggar
clutching his woes

At nightfall---
shimmer neon lights
street lamps hiccup and stutter
starved of power outages

A melting pot
whisking mixed alloys
of cultural mores
melding a homespun cult
with a global cult thrown in
diluting its purity

a city’s heritage
spills over
a change is spurred
turning once again
the course of history.

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