Jan 12, 2010

A relationship

My relationship with you is of many layers; it has many
patterns and colors; they combine to impact
our lives together, more than we can imagine.

we cast long shadows on each other; shadows
which linger on long after our ways part and we dissolve
into the past; we shed light and darkness on each other;
permeating us in places
we cannot see or ever reach;

we continue to live on different planes that will
stand apart; and yet mingle into each other
till they become soluble; still striving
to remain intact, secure in our selves;

I live in fear of being invaded by you; lest you
seek to change me in your image. I fear
this alien force that might inhabit me and
silently push me out of myself.

our alliance is not invincible
though we might desire to believe it so;
it always remains fragile; more so
in our moments of vanity

our alliance is not about conquest
nor fidelity; neither promises
of love; it is the embrace of vast spaces
separating us;
and somewhere along the way
two people build a nest for each other
without impinging on the self


On the surface
the city wears a stereotyped face
as all its kindred habitats
struggling into modernity.

in its heartland
life and energy throbs
throngs of people pushing
shoulder to shoulder
chipped broken or whole

sprawled over the city
crisp suburban areas
glimmer in green environs
debonair lads and ladies
strut under ornate canopies
sedated with an opium
lost in dull insensitivity.

a kaleidoscope swings
on minarets and colonnades
rising over a dwarfed turf
shuffling below like a beggar
clutching his woes

At nightfall---
shimmer neon lights
street lamps hiccup and stutter
starved of power outages

A melting pot
whisking mixed alloys
of cultural mores
melding a homespun cult
with a global cult thrown in
diluting its purity

a city’s heritage
spills over
a change is spurred
turning once again
the course of history.