Dec 29, 2009

Autumn leaves

Autumn comes with the fall; dropping leaves in a heap on dry turf;
scattering in the wind the residue of summer; the eye
has become dry and its sight is blurred;
we flow from a fount towards a destiny combing
further disarray; our sensibilities unsettled
become alien to our beings.

we stray from a normal course of moving in unison
and stand apart from each other; we communicate
in a different language; we cease to listen to the nuances
of others’ dialect; drift away in mainstream
become strangers to one another;
close bonds give way to clouds of misgivings.

a vast emptiness fills us, filled by a power
or a tsunami blowing towards us
driven to drown us;
we only know that we feel the pain together
in our intense humanity as all around us
fall descends and dry leaves fly randomly.

when a ray of light pierces the skyline
our hearts fill with hope
and pray that the long nightmare be over.

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