May 14, 2009

A Symphony

Composing a symphony of lyrical notes I tap inner voices swirling around in archives of past, present and futuristic notes. An intrinsic force composes tunes creating a finer symphony to the touch of a sensitive nerve and then come into life. In all creations of art, a new life is born from the threshold of a previous one, when a discerning eye whisks everything finesss into a final synthesis; this new form is abstract like thought, with an eternal life; neither touched nor marred by the verbal or physical hand.

The mystic lives on, on waves driven through a metaphysical being; his vanes do not wilt; they bypass time; they are not swayed by a covetous heart that sometimes wills to love and at times to destroy.

When the song lives; he also lives through his song; every time it is played he comes alive filling the moving air swirling into an unseen catalyst.

This force can sometimes change lives forever.

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