May 14, 2009


Before globalization.

we nested in our small shells
measuring the world by our size

the orbit of our lives
we viewed through a microscope

our interconnectedness was slim
on a human level

our differences wide open
to a vastness we could not scale

our wholeness was scarred
our life lived only in pieces

we clung to known values
like a drowning man to straw

our lives were often devastated
by a single stroke

of death, or other calamities
on our shrinking thresholds

a life beyond ourselves surpassed us
unable to face a maelstrom

with new resolves
and fresh beginnings.

After globalization

Our global perception
like a vast panorama opened

the luxuriance of life
startled us into awakening

our vision of ourselves
grew like our shadows at midday

the potential of our lives
blossomed like a garden in spring

our universe stretched
we shrank into small atoms

our connectedness gave us power
our separateness anchored on self

nothing mattered too much
nor too little, in a wider meaning

of our collective humanity,
ever gathering stones to construct

our individual foibles
dissolved into a bigger cup

we shed our isolation
to enter a global order.

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