Apr 20, 2009

To a Son

May you fly like a falcon
conquering the sky
through an infinite space
where its cry breaks the icy stillness
shattering it into smithereens.

May you be a candle in the wild
lighting many a labyrinth
dispersing dark shadows
flooding luminous beams
into every elusive crevice
that cringes in the night.

May you have the courage to be yourself,
raising the emblem of truth,
to keep going despite yourself,
to challenge the mundane
yet desist from being a rebel
who breeds only sedition.

May you always know yourself,
your every reflex, your every advance,
your very epicenter,
that you can from within, evolve
as all growth on the periphery
has only a short life
taking no roots in the subsoil

Sucking in a harmony
you sooth your internal battles
erasing any self-doubt,
rising as craggy edges
to ruffle a serene mind

May you a mind reason hold
that you might reflect
with a clear mind,
and with wisdom
and decisive mind act.

May you always have a vision in life
your goals be clear
it is the erratic wayfarer
who loses his destination
and in the wilderness is blinded.

Beyond mediocrity you shall rise
and the trodden path
towards a creative evolution
of mind, body and spirit
by decrying myths of the past
those which into vapors have dissolved
and thus returning, haunt us.

May you nurture a basic respect for all,
a compassion for the weak
and empathy for the errant
living always in the mainstream
savoring wholly life’s riches

For here lies the truth of your existence
this alone affirms your dignity
and oneness with life.

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