Apr 20, 2009

To a Daughter

May you grow and develop
to be strong and resilient
like a young bough on a tree
embracing the sky and earth
in the open arms of Olympus
holding the sky

May the sun’s fiery rays
turn you into molten rock
the moonbeams reflect an inner light
and with truth and dignity
your spirit anoint
spiraling your resolve
to strive for the righteous

May dignity polish you
enabling you to hold on to your own
despite the cynicism of others
for that inner strength
a precious resource, intrinsic to yourself,
being the only steadfast anchor of your life
which, if you so forsake
leaves you without a sail and a rudder.

For you shall need others
if only to solicit to them
never to draw from their strength
the leaning ivy falls to the ground
when the sustaining wall
its support withholds.

Your source of strength
will only be, your inner reservoir
of faith in yourself
as you strive for the truth
that validates you,
fortifies you

May you rise above a shallow mind
leaning not on weak crutches
of feigned piety and pretensions
as the anchor of your life
on solid values be shaped
of self-worth, humility and humanity

That will never a hostage be
to the caprice of others
neither to one’s own willful nature
as you will be a harbinger of love
and learn to forgive others
and treat them not as transgressions
against yourself

May your vision always look upward
into distant horizons
seek not false anchors
to support yourself
of culture, race and gender
these only perpetuate themselves
and can barely give you an identity
being more like parasites
sucking your blood
for their own sustenance

Whereas strong relationships
are like building blocks
which need to be nurtured
and tended with care
they will be your emotional strength
in duress and extremity

May you build ties
of love, loyalty, truth and trust
the qualities that sustain you
may you refrain from deceptive liaisons
that only destabilize your life
and that of others dear to you,
therefore select your friends and kindred
with care and caution,
taking time, insight and prudence

May you embrace life
wholly and positively
with love, strength and resilience
giving of yourself with joy
like the birds in the sky

Keeping your feet on the ground
your vision and hearts
uplifted to the heights
forsake idealism in place of realism
for these build only a flimsy euphoria
that is easily dissolved

Do not create idols to worship
for they shape fixations
that might well be false
do not give undue power to others
for they will use it as a weapon
to abuse you with
undermining your self-esteem

Emulate good values and ethics
for they are a personification
of the Spiritual Being,
do not emulate people
or blindly follow the cleric
for he will suck you into his vortex
denying you the freedom
to fly towards the Spiritual Being

And with a torch in your hand
search for the truth yourself
for only the light within you
can illumine your path
and be your guide

Travel in the light,
and shun the darkness
but like the glowworm
create your own light
and be not the moth
that seeks the light of others
and is thus consumed

Let life be for you
a threshold of promise
upon which you embark
and then embrace the world
in all the colors of the rainbow
whilst you stand in the light and the shade

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