Apr 20, 2009

A Street Called Desire

In a street called desire:
butterflies cluster, flapping
like frenzied bats
surfing pretty combs
of flora, jostling the air
like hustlers
with the tenacity
of predators tasting blood.

In a street called desire:
gliding passions an impetus
race, like itinerant birds,
sizzling aspirations
take wings to fly
like breathless time
death’s sudden stride overwhelms

In a street called desire:
fear like a vulture, overhead, hovers
cruising time and precision
daring the final plunge
as it wolfs
to a grinding satiation.

In a street called desire:
drunken men bellow
like primitive beasts
mocked by a disdainful Circe
scornful of their greed
threatening to consume.

In a street called desire
ennui is eroded
like a abrasive stone
polished by the wind
an impetus is on the rampage
like a drunken sluggard
whose gluttony
never is subdued

fanning the flames
of desire, long drawn out
like a smoky chimney

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