Apr 20, 2009


Crimson tinted roses, blush
to a burgeoning spring
swept away with ecstasy
by a cavorting wind
storming like flamingos
into a steady congregation.

A tranquil ambience swells
over a sunken vale
sucking in all the harmony
of color, form and tone
flooding an entire turf
wrenching from it a pensive mood
like an owl lost in reflection.

The sunlight gushing
through a prism
distils all life
filling it with multicolored rays
pouring into the horn of plenty
nourishing man and nature
from clinging stem cells
dug from the same root.

The skyline stretches uniformly
as the crow flies
from its nest
like an arrow from its shaft
cutting with ingenuity
many dimensions
that strata by strata
unfold layered horizons.

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