Apr 20, 2009


Thrust into my encircled orb
a temporal being, do I
endure the test of time
like a catalyst
spurred like a trigger missile
thrown in the air
through an uncalculating space
like a spindle spinning
whirling with an ecstatic trance
befuddled, like a juvenile roped in
restless like childlike aspirations
floating, air-borne, through limitless space
wrung from impulsive hearts
palpitating with valor
that burns to unseat mountains
binding to form a ring
to resolve many a rigmarole
in which I lie enmeshed
strangled by my own naiveté.

Oh! Stay, the lashing of the storm
that beats with caprice
against my fledgling heart
like the hissing of the wind
tears down the shutters
veiling the casement
coming to rest in catchments
where it ponders.

After having reaped
a profusion of many gains
I do comprehend their import
from them weaving many a fabric
of richness and gloss
whose threads breathing secrecy
interweave in silence.

Yet in the heart’s center
stirs a child, sprightly
throbbing with a vitality
that the flight of years
has not halted,
even though the flame of idealism
has been burnt out
usurped by a cynical slant
that will not be distracted
by waves beating with a treacherous
intent, foaming
cutting a caper
luring a circumspect moon
on its nightly vigil.

Through the overhung canopy
do I sieve my existence, whole,
assembling it with care and love
delivering it to my pedigree
that I may not a wastrel be
and scatter into dust
the precious spoils of my life
for in this transmission
do I fasten my bond with humanity.

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