Apr 20, 2009

Soliloquy II

As my fingers flip
the musty cracked pages
of a memoirs, through
whose archives many an apparition
floats and dances, staging
a parody, of events indistinct
like a cloudy night
mellowed by the nimble step
of time, of ghosts cackling
which so hoodwinking me
by their eerie misdemeanors
menacing are, being
my stalwart mentors
overshadowing all my deeds
clenching a power
to either eclipse my life
or ignite it like a flame

A wind eternally blowing
does my body transform
when piercing like an icy wind
into every shadowy niche
chilling it frozen,
when changing its form
into a cozy wind
thaws the mind into motion
spurring a change

A million queries
the air does sunder
wrapped in a space
enclosed in my birth and death
many aging myths
shall unfold, like the night
breaking into daylight
stale concepts, breached
through gaping culverts
the night cleansing the air
as I brush away the ash
from soiled hands.

Overwhelmed by catalysts
my body bends and sways
like a willow tree
yielding and defying
like a wavering pendulum
I must surface again
certifying my existence
intertwining mine chain
when its latent strength
will it cement.

Gathering the tools
like an artisan
grinding at his craft
I build castles
like children playing in the sand
till I finally consolidate
from the humus
of my fallible being.

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