Apr 20, 2009

Lazy Days Of Summer

Sizzling summer days
slipping into a lull,
a silence hissing
over silent urban niches
rustling quiet groves
tongue-tied with inertia
drenched in dripping dew.

Children at play
enthused by a calm
sliding like a shady mantle
encircling twilight:
like two lovers embracing
on a tranquil evening
soothing passions
slowly ebbing, when the tide turns.

Inertia seeps into weary limbs
as the sun’s rays pierce
into an intrinsic somnolence
unwinding like steam, surging
lapping a delicious ennui
into an absolute self-immersion.

Drifting into languor
like a sluggish eel
the body succumbing
to a sinking drowsiness
yielding to its masseur
his soul refreshed
by the early breeze.

Blanketing all the turmoil
of hectic rituals, buried in
a monotonous drone
of humming bees
restive like the passions
that us daily douse.

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