Apr 20, 2009

Frozen Sensibilities

Dusty urchins on roadsides, breed
like a horde of flies
on garbage heaps does feed
their greedy tongues will sluice
all the residue which is strewn, tightly matted
like runaway leaves, together netted

Ragged boys, grimy fingers etch
into begging bowls, hollow
like slimy ditches
vicious like the gallows
moaning a sentence
of death, beating a semblance

To a bottomless penury
sucking the dregs
of a life condemned to drudgery
living on the edge
of a precipice
sliding into alleys, perilous.

Self-worth is crushed
in a stampede, erased
love and nurturing lose their impetus
hope is besieged
where the road is forlorn
and to nowhere does he belong.

The spectators hang sparsely
with a desultory posture
blunted by the monotony
of the players’ dreary overtures
hosting zombies insensate
to all the voices, pitched and desolate.

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