Apr 20, 2009

Cutting Many Layers

Slicing a precious gemstone
in its infinitesimal layers
placed in subtle sheets
myriad dimensions unfolding
its charisma and personality
unfurling like a winged bird .
into subterranean depths

Many moments spent
flaking layers and layers
of pulsing elements
defining every fragment
in a unique individual form
sucking life from a vast reservoir
moored in a mystic bay

A lifetime ensues
in ceaseless toil to unfold
our infinite dimensions
scaling vast thresholds of discovery
to a vision beyond ourselves
as we encounter new worlds.

Evolving within ourselves
as we sift from the mundane
dedicated to a pledge
from where we our elements urge
to resolve the enigma of life
set beneath many stratum of the earth.
in a deep, resonating silence.

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