Apr 20, 2009

Cobwebs In Space.

Spiders spinning webs
into old and derelict corners
into tempting skylines
ensnaring bygones, slithering
into the cemetery of time.

Overhanging cobwebs
tantalizing in space
images playing havoc
with an imaginative mind
fantasy diving into archives
of folklore and myth.

Lurking behind every cobweb
a liaison with deceit
luring the past
into the lair of contemporary time
with a new-fangled fa├žade
tallying with the colloquial.

A legacy ground in genealogy
refreshes itself through time
in traditions and mores
and sacrosanct beliefs
like the monuments of the kings
will a charade perform
of the splendor of the pyramids
within whose eternity is interred
all that is hollow and ephemeral.

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