Apr 24, 2012

Feb 3, 2012

The falcon flies

A falcon flies with the wind, carrying dreams and desires to
new heights; its allegiance to the earth; its roots growing deep
into the soil;
its power to transcend itself; to fly beyond it,
makes it eternal.
Eternity an endless ocean, fulfilling itself; having no
beginning and no end; it replenishes itself beyond its existence;
a fathomless trail in the sky, completing itself
in the shadow of a star
plunging many eons away. Its image preys upon the mind,
conjuring and wrestling with its illusions.
Stars flicker like a candle, lured by the glimmer of the
moon; before its tenuous slide into oblivion
as the candle melts and vanishes.
A creative force

It is always the unconventional that holds attention. The
mundane and the commonplace are the dust of the earth, transmitting little
light and color. The creative and innovative are the salt and spice of life,
breathing life and energy into the soul.
As we blossom we are rejuvenated from a sapling; only the
young soak in fresh ideas like a sponge; they are a springboard from which new
life springs; the fire that vitalizes and kindles all life; the source of
growth and evolution.
In youth is spawned hope; the old will no more feel gusty
winds; they have lost the elasticity to expand and embrace new life; their
minds and bodies have shrunk and are unable to drink the delicious nectar of
life; to pick virgin blossoms from the garden. They are static and in denial.
Nature is selfish and must sustain itself; it invests in the
young alone, and gives the derelict a cursory shove into the past; the mighty
and the arrogant must fall and perish one day.
This is the crux and irony of life; this is the gravity that
holds the symmetry, this is our human consciousness in a flux.

Nov 18, 2011

My homeland

The turf that once was green and alluvial
Ploughed to raise a newborn country, lured
By stirring rhetoric surfing on dreams
A promise in the air held, robust intentions,
Tightened In a loop of diehard struggle and ambition,
Spurred on quixotic horses
To celebrate a fledgling country

Turning lean in time, scooped of its energy
By flailing limbs too weak to keep afloat
Emaciated fulfillment, caving in to a sense of disillusion
Withering dreams sucked into a vortex of greed
And a tumor of grinding ambition; anchored on flimsy
Fundamentals, sutured treacherously into its folds,

A malaise spreading through the body, breaking down

Ties of fraternity and humanity in a vessel of discontent
Kindling a fire of ferocious logs charring human faces,
Stripping them of their souls

A fa├žade of genocide, a besiege of our psychic self
Or a peculiar peeling off of our inner selves
Challenged by a deep seated drift
Of the social milieu, its values, its mindset
Pulling out deep seated roots
From a mindscape in disarray

The breaking down a painful cycle
The loss of self a deluge of penury
Vested in a brutal beast, a blade of apathy
Splitting away pieces into sand

A wave of nostalgia transcends
Craving for a comeback
To the old familiar culture
Thriving on cosmopolitanism
Liberty and human equality

Sep 22, 2011

Critical moments.

With the ferocity of silver lightning it struck
A heart condition besieged
My entire body, electrodes racing
Like magnetic waves
Overturning in a moment
A life that was stoically sustained
That was precious to hold
Twisted into a precarious trauma
Thrashed with a ruthless passion
Onto an intense threshold
A limp, flimsy rag flung into the air
With little intrinsic control or power
Reckless of the consequences

Nothing seemed to matter too much
Nor too little in the wider scheme of things
There is a proverbial method in everything
Pristine and inviolable, unquestionable
In its inevitability
In a reluctant surrender to a condition
Mortal and intense.
The Migrant

Circles of wind shift and then drifting
settle down in a niche
its wings unwind to feel the air around
sniffing like an animal its new turf
green environs draw mixed emotions
titillating with excitement and tension
everything veers drastically

The process of change is gradual
Savoring piecemeal every new morsel
Picking new dialects, new life patterns
Each day a new climb, a fresh struggle
Moments undergoing a thrill of achieving,
Moments sliding into cliffs of disillusion

Change has to come from within,
Exploring new horizons
Discovering oneself, ones needs,
Spaces opening up within
To new aspirations
Unleashing a new growth
Mushrooming in the spring
Till finally it coalesces
Into a comfortable habitat
A Testament

When we pledge a testament
To our country of origin,
A relationship, or an alliance,
We seek to identify with it, to belong
Desiring a deep connection,
Imbedded far in our roots

With the current of time it becomes a part
Of our beings, our collective humanity
A mirror through which other people view us
A reflection on the quirks of myriad cultures
Merging into our beings
An insignia we wear on our hearts

The testament moves both ways;
The state body owes its patronage
To its people; to protect and nurture them
To improve the lives of its people;
To cultivate and reform them

When the state body fails to nourish its people;
Splits them into gender, race and religion
Draws daggers into their hearts
Desecrating their souls
Sowing seeds of oppression
Ravaging a land to infertility
Fostering a sacrilege worst in the annals of humanity

Then it ceases to be defined as a state, merely a den
For scavengers and thieves
The trust is broken, the testament violated,
The people of the state have nowhere to belong,
No possessions, no identity to cling to,
Their lives on a weak threshold shudder
Here the final covenant is torn apart
A travesty against everything life stands.